77 Tenzi House Rules & Variations

Tenzi is a fast-paced dice game where players race to roll all 10 dice to the same number. This article covers 77 creative house rules and variations to keep your Tenzi game nights fresh and exciting:

Fast-Paced Games

Strategic Games

Variation Goal
Addition Tenzi Get the highest total sum of dice
Pattern Tenzi Arrange dice into specific patterns
Missing Number Get doubles of all numbers except one

Stacking Games

Variation Goal
Tall Tower Build the tallest tower with your dice
Building Structures Use dice to build creative structures
Stacking Tenzi Stack successfully rolled dice one by one

Team Games

Fun Twists

You can also create your own custom rules to personalize the game for your group. The possibilities are endless with Tenzi!

Tenzi House Rules & Variations

Fast-Paced Games

Rule Description
1. Rapid Roll Players must roll and re-roll continuously without pausing. The first to get Tenzi wins.
2. Beat the Clock Set a time limit (e.g., 60 seconds). Players race to get Tenzi before time runs out.
3. Elimination Last player to get Tenzi in each round is eliminated until one winner remains.

Strategic Variations

Rule Description
4. Reverse Tenzi Roll to get one die of each number (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) instead of all the same.
5. Target Number Choose a target number. Players race to get all dice showing that number.
6. Highest Roll Roll all 10 dice. Highest total score wins the round.

Social Games

Rule Description
7. Truth or Tenzi Losers answer a truth question or perform a dare set by the winner.
8. Tenzi Storytellers After each roll, the next player continues a group story. First to Tenzi wins.
9. Musical Tenzi Pass dice around a circle while music plays. Player holding dice when it stops rolls.

Fast-Paced Games

These rules add a quick pace to Tenzi, making the game more lively and thrilling.

Timed Tenzi

Split Dice (Splitzi)

Goal Get 5 dice of one number and 5 dice of another number
Strategy Decide which numbers to focus on and when to switch between them
Added Element New level of strategy compared to regular Tenzi

Dice Stealing

| Rule | Players can steal dice from others if they roll the number they need | | Combines With | Timed Tenzi or Splitzi | | Effect | Adds strategy and competition to the fast pace |

Strategic Games

These games focus more on strategy and thinking ahead rather than just speed.

Addition Tenzi

Goal Get the highest total score by adding up your dice
How to Play After a set number of rolls, add up the numbers on your dice. The player with the highest total wins the round.
Strategy Think about which numbers to focus on and when to take risks to get higher totals.

Pattern Tenzi

Goal Arrange your dice into specific patterns or shapes
How to Play Based on the numbers you roll, create patterns like sequences or shapes with your dice.
Strategy Look for opportunities to make the required pattern as you roll.

Missing Number

Goal Get doubles of all numbers except one "missing" number
How to Play Choose a number you don't want to collect. Roll to get two of each remaining number.
Strategy Decide which number to avoid and plan your rolls carefully.

Stacking Games

These variations focus on arranging or stacking dice in specific patterns or sequences.

Tall Tower

Goal Build the tallest tower with your dice
How to Play Stack your dice one on top of the other to create the tallest tower possible. You can add challenges like having all dice face the same way.
Skill Needed Careful balancing and steady hands to prevent the tower from falling.

Building Structures

Goal Use your dice to build structures like towers or castles
How to Play Instead of aiming for numbers, use your dice to creatively build structures. The most impressive structure wins.
Skill Needed Spatial reasoning and creativity to build stable and visually appealing structures.

Stacking Tenzi

Goal Stack successfully rolled dice one on top of the other
How to Play Roll your dice and quickly stack them. The first player to stack all 10 dice wins.
Example TENZI Tower - Stack your dice to create a tower and shout "TENZI" when you reach the top.
Skill Needed Speed and strategy to roll and stack your dice before others.

Team Games

These variations are designed for team play, encouraging cooperation and teamwork.

Team Tenzi

Goal Teams work together to roll the same number
How to Play Divide players into teams. Assign each team a number to roll. Team members take turns rolling until they achieve their goal. The first team to succeed wins.

Relay Tenzi

Goal Teams take turns rolling, building on each other's progress
How to Play Divide players into teams. Each team member takes a turn rolling dice. Players build on the previous roll, aiming for a common goal. The first team to succeed wins.

In these team-based games, players work together, share strategies, and rely on each other's strengths to achieve a common goal. They promote social interaction, teamwork, and friendly competition, making Tenzi an excellent group activity.

Fun Twists

These rules add a playful challenge to the classic Tenzi game.

One-Foot Hopping

Rule Players must hop on one foot while rolling the dice
Challenge Requires balance and coordination
Effect Adds a physical element to the game

No Thumbs

Rule Players cannot use their thumbs to roll or pick up dice
Challenge Forces players to adapt their grip and rolling technique
Effect Increases the difficulty level

Hand Behind Back

Rule Players roll dice with their non-dominant hand, keeping their dominant hand behind their back
Challenge Develops new motor skills and creative thinking
Effect Adds an extra layer of complexity

These fun twists encourage players to think outside the box and add a playful challenge to the game. They inject an element of silliness and laughter, making Tenzi an even more enjoyable experience for players of all ages.

Custom Rules

Making your own rules is a big part of the fun with Tenzi. You can change the game to suit your group's tastes and make it more exciting or challenging. Here's how to create custom rules:

Creating New Rules

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Get together with friends or family and think of ways to mix up the game. Ask:

Write down all your ideas and test them out as you play.

2. Use Blank Cards

The Tenzi card deck includes blank cards. Use these to write down your new rules. You can also modify existing rules or make variations of popular games.

3. Share Your Rules

Share your custom rules with others:

Your unique twist on Tenzi could become a hit!

Using Custom Rules

Benefit Description
Personalize the Game Tailor Tenzi to your group's preferences
Add Variety Prevent the game from feeling stale
Increase Challenge Make Tenzi more difficult for experienced players
Encourage Creativity Come up with imaginative new ways to play

Custom rules allow you to:

With custom rules, you can truly make Tenzi your own. So get creative, have fun, and share your unique twists with the Tenzi community!


Trying New Tenzi Variations

We've looked at many ways to change up the classic Tenzi game:

Now it's time to try these new rules! Test out different modes to find what your group enjoys most. Mix and match rules to make your own unique Tenzi experience.

Benefit Description
Personalize Tailor the game to your preferences
Add Variety Keep things fresh and exciting
Increase Difficulty Make Tenzi more challenging for skilled players
Get Creative Invent imaginative new ways to play

Sharing With the Community

The Tenzi community loves discovering new ways to play. Share your house rules and feedback online or with friends. Get inspired by others' ideas too!

By sharing your Tenzi creations, you:

So don't be shy - share your Tenzi twists today!


How many ways can you play Tenzi?

The original Tenzi game has standard rules, but the 77 Ways to Play Tenzi card deck offers numerous variations. These include:

With these options and the ability to create your own rules, the possibilities for playing Tenzi are virtually endless.

Can two people play Tenzi?

Yes, Tenzi can be played with just two players. The game's instructions state: "How to Play: (2-4 players.) Each player chooses a set of dice. Players hold all ten dice in their hands."

While designed for 2-4 players, Tenzi can still be enjoyable with two people. Try variations like Team Tenzi or Relay Tenzi to make the game more engaging and challenging for two players.

Variation Description
Team Tenzi Players work together as a team to roll the same number.
Relay Tenzi Players take turns rolling, building on each other's progress.