D20 Dice Generator for Remote Gaming

Looking to bring your tabletop games online? A d20 dice generator is your go-to tool for seamless, fair play. Whether it's Dungeons & Dragons or any other dice-based game, these digital tools ensure everyone gets to roll the dice, no matter where they are. Here's what you need to know:

Digital d20 dice generators make playing RPGs online easy and fun, allowing for a game experience that's as close to the real thing as possible. Let's dive into how these generators work and how to pick the best one for your game.

Understanding D20 Dice

The d20 die, which stands for "20-sided die", is a big deal in games like Dungeons & Dragons. It's shaped like a ball with 20 flat sides, and each roll is a surprise because of how it's designed.

Origins and Early Use of d20 Dice

This is how the d20 die became a key part of many games.

Standard d20 Format

The d20 die we use today follows a simple pattern:

The way the d20 die is made ensures that every roll is random. That's what makes games like D&D so thrilling!

Benefits of Digital D20 Dice Generators

Convenience and Accessibility

Digital d20 dice generators make it super easy to roll dice without having the actual dice. You can use your phone, tablet, or computer to get a random number with just a click. This is great for playing games with friends online because you don't need real dice or to pass them around.

You can also save your dice setups online and use them on any device. This means you can start a game on your computer and continue on your phone without any hassle.

And, you can roll dice wherever you are, like when you're waiting somewhere or on a bus. It's perfect for playing games anytime, anywhere.

Remote Multiplayer Compatibility

Online d20 dice rollers are great for playing games with friends over the internet. Everyone can see and use the same dice rolls in real-time, which keeps the game fair.

You can share a link to a dice setup with your friends, and everyone can see the same results. This helps everyone stay on the same page and makes playing together easier, even when you're not in the same place.

These tools also keep track of all the rolls you've made, so you can look back at them if you need to. This can help solve any arguments about past rolls.

Customization and Expanded Possibilities

Digital dice rollers let you do more than just roll standard dice. You can make dice with more or fewer sides, change how likely some results are, and even set up special rules for your rolls.

You can mix and match different dice for your game, creating new ways to play. You can save these setups and share them with others, which is great for coming up with new game ideas.

Some tools also add up your rolls for you, which makes playing faster since you don't have to do the math yourself. They can even show you stats about your rolls, helping you make better game choices.

In short, online d20 dice rollers are handy for playing tabletop games over the internet. They're easy to use, let you play with friends far away, and let you customize your game in cool ways.

Choosing the Right D20 Dice Generator

When you're picking a digital d20 dice roller for your games, think about a few important things:

Core Features

You want a tool that at least lets you:

Some extra nice things to have are:

The best tools are easy to use and don't make things too complicated.

User Interface and Experience

Since you'll use this tool a lot, it should be:

It's also nice if it feels like you're really rolling dice, with sounds or vibrations.

Compatibility and Accessibility

Your dice roller should work on:

It's a bonus if it can work without the internet, just in case.

Look for features that make it easier for everyone to use, like designs that work for people who are colorblind.

Security and Privacy

Since you might use real names in your game, choose a dice app that:

Stay away from apps that ask for too much personal info.

Pricing and Plans

Lots of great d20 dice generators are free. But some have extra features that cost money. If that's the case:

The best tools are free for what you need, with the option to pay for more fancy features.

By looking at these things, you can find the best dice roller for your game. Focus on what's really important, like being able to use it on your phone and having a clear, easy interface.

Using a D20 Dice Generator

1. Selecting and Accessing a Dice Generator

To get started with a d20 dice generator, pick a website or app that you like. Some well-known ones include:

Look for ones that are free, easy to use, and work on different devices. Open your chosen dice roller on your device before you start playing. This makes rolling dice quicker.

2. Configuring Basic Dice Rolls

Most d20 dice tools let you set up the dice you need to roll easily. Common setups are:

Set up the dice combinations you need in the app. Many apps let you save these setups for later, so do that for the ones you'll use a lot.

3. Customizing Advanced Rolls

For more complicated rolls, many d20 generators let you:

Use these options to make your rolls fit your game perfectly. Save the complicated ones so you can use them quickly during your game.

4. Rolling and Sharing the Dice

When you're ready, click to roll your dice and see what you get. Most apps make this easy to do over and over.

To share your rolls with others playing online, you can:

This way, everyone can see the rolls happen live, which keeps the game fair.

5. Checking Roll History and Statistics

Good d20 dice apps keep track of all your rolls, showing:

Look at this info during or after your game to sort out disagreements, check on past rolls, spot any odd patterns, or just remember the fun moments!

Most apps let you clear your roll history when you're starting a new game or want to keep things tidy.

Using a digital d20 dice roller makes playing games online way easier. It lets you customize your rolls, share them with friends far away, and keeps track of everything with just a few clicks.


Key Features to Look For

When you're picking a d20 dice generator, there are some important things to keep an eye out for:

Essential Capabilities

Convenient Extras

User Experience


The best d20 dice generators have everything you need to customize and share your dice rolls easily. They also make sure the game runs smoothly and keeps your info safe. Looking for these features will help you have a great time playing tabletop games online with your friends.

Fixing Common Problems

When you're using a d20 dice generator, sometimes things don't go as planned. Here's how to fix some usual issues.

Checking if It Works with Your Stuff

If your dice generator isn't acting right, first make sure it's supposed to work with your gadget or internet browser.

Turning your device or browser off and on again can also fix sudden issues.

Fixing Connection Issues

Dice rollers need the internet to let everyone see the same rolls. If you're having trouble sharing rolls or seeing stats:

Check if other websites are working to make sure it's not your internet that's the problem. You could also switch from WiFi to mobile data to see if that helps.

Choosing a dice generator that can work without the internet means your game won't stop if there's a connection issue. Being able to see past rolls can also help you pick up where you left off if you get disconnected.

Tips for Making Online Gaming Better

Using a d20 dice generator can really help when you're playing tabletop RPGs online. Here are some simple ways to make your gaming sessions better.

Use Your Phone or Tablet

Share Your Dice Settings


Turn On Sound and Vibration

Look at Past Rolls If Needed

Use Stats to Help Make Decisions

With these tips, you can get more out of using digital d20 dice generators and have better online RPG sessions with your friends.


D20 dice generators are really helpful for playing games online. They let you roll dice on your computer or phone, so you can play with friends no matter where they are.

When you're looking for a good dice generator, make sure it lets you do things like create custom dice, share your rolls with friends, keep track of your rolls, and check out stats about your rolls. These features make your games more fun and fair because everyone can see the rolls happen in real-time. Plus, it's nice when the generator is easy to use.

Sometimes, you might run into problems like your dice generator not working right with your device or losing your internet connection. But some generators can work without the internet, which is a big help.

Overall, these digital tools make playing games online much easier. They let you feel like you're really rolling dice with your friends, even if you're far apart. So, grab your favorite d20 dice generator, get your friends together online, and start playing. There are so many adventures waiting for you.