D20 Dice Online: A Gamer's Guide

If you're into tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and looking for an easy way to roll dice online, this guide covers everything you need to know about d20 dice online. Using online dice rollers can enhance your gaming experience, especially when playing remotely, by offering convenience, automatic calculations, and shared visibility for all players. Here's a quick overview:

This guide aims to provide a comprehensive look at online d20 dice, helping you choose the best platform for your needs and integrate it smoothly into your gaming sessions.

Brief History

The d20 dice, with 20 sides, became a big deal in games like Dungeons & Dragons back in the 70s. Using this die, players could see if their game moves worked or not by rolling it. This added a fun chance element because every roll had an equal shot at success or failure. As Dungeons & Dragons got more popular, so did the d20 dice. Even today, many games use it or something similar because it makes games exciting with its randomness.

What is a d20 die?

A d20 die is a little object shaped like a ball with 20 flat sides, each showing a number from 1 to 20. It's used in games, mainly Dungeons & Dragons, to pick random numbers. The shape is called an icosahedron, perfect for rolling smoothly and landing on any number fairly. When you roll it, any of the numbers has the same chance to come up, making game moments unpredictable.

Common Uses

Here are some ways d20 dice are used in games:

So, in many games, the d20 dice decide if you succeed or fail at what you're trying to do. It makes games fun by adding surprises and big moments.

Choosing an Online D20 Dice Platform

When you're playing games like Dungeons & Dragons with friends online, having a good digital dice roller can make things a lot easier. Here's a look at some of the best options out there, depending on what you need:

Roll Dice

Roll Dice is super simple and great for quick games.


If you're really into Dungeons & Dragons, DNDBeyond has official stuff.


If you're using Roll20 to play, its dice roller works right in the game.

DND Dice Roller

DND Dice Roller

DND Dice Roller makes it faster to set up dice for D&D.

GoDice D20 Connected

For those who like tech, GoDice D20 is a cool mix of real dice and an app.

Which one is best for you depends on what you're looking for. If you just want something simple, Roll Dice is a good choice. DNDBeyond is great for serious D&D players who use its system. Roll20's dice are perfect if you're already playing there. DND Dice Roller is handy for quick D&D setups, and GoDice is cool if you like gadgets and don't mind spending more.

How to Use Online D20 Dice

If you're playing games like Dungeons & Dragons on the internet, using an online dice roller can make things easier and more fun. Here's a simple guide on how to get started and use these tools effectively:

Choose Your Platform

First, pick the online dice roller you want to use. There are many options like Roll Dice, DNDBeyond, Roll20, DND Dice Roller, and GoDice D20 Connected. Think about what you need, like how easy it is to use or if it works with Dungeons & Dragons.

Set Up Your Dice

After choosing a platform, get your dice ready. For most RPGs, you'll want different types of dice like d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20. Most sites let you pick how many of each type you want to roll at once.

Roll Away

When it's your turn, just hit the "roll" button. The site will quickly show you what you rolled and add up the numbers if you're rolling more than one dice. This is way faster than rolling real dice!

Share Results

If you're playing with friends online, these platforms usually let you show your roll on the screen. This way, everyone can see what you rolled without you having to tell them.

Set Saving Throws, Checks, Etc.

If you often need to roll for the same things, like checks or attacks, see if you can save these setups on the site. This saves time because you won't have to set them up every time you need to roll.

Integrate Rolls Into Gameplay

Talk with your game master or friends about the best way to use online dice rolls in your game. Make sure everyone knows what's happening with the rolls. Using these tools can really add to your game's fun!

Online d20 dice rollers are a great way to keep your RPG games moving and add a bit of excitement. Try them out in your next game!

Benefits of Online D20 Dice

Using an online d20 dice roller makes playing tabletop RPGs, like Dungeons & Dragons, easier and more fun, especially if you're not in the same room. Here's why they're so handy:


With an online dice roller, you can roll dice with just a click. No need to search for the right dice in a bag. This keeps the game moving smoothly. It's easy to roll for attacks, checks, and saves quickly.


All you need is the internet to use these dice rollers. This is great for playing games with friends online. You can even show your dice rolls to everyone in the video chat.

Automatic Calculations

Online dice add up your rolls for you. Just tell it how many dice to roll, and it shows the total right away. This is super helpful for attacks that need you to roll a lot of dice at once.

Enhanced Remote Play

For games played over the internet, digital dice are perfect. They can be shown on the video chat so everyone knows what was rolled. This makes playing together from different places easier.


Digital dice let you choose exactly which dice to roll and how many. You can set up your rolls for different game actions and save them. This means you can roll the dice you need with just one click next time.

So, if you're playing D&D or another RPG online, using online d20 dice rollers makes the game run smoother and adds to the fun. You don't need your physical dice - these online tools do the job!

Tech Behind Online D20 Dice

Online d20 dice rollers use different kinds of technology to let us roll dice quickly and easily. For the simple websites, it's mostly about using common web programming. But for the more advanced stuff like the GoDice D20 Connected, they're mixing new technology to combine real-life dice rolling with online features.

Web Programming

Most of the basic online dice rollers are made with web programming languages, mainly JavaScript. Here's what the code does:

It's a straightforward setup, but it's really handy for playing RPGs on the internet.

Mobile Apps

There are also dice rollers that you can download as apps on your phone or tablet. These work on both iOS and Android and are pretty convenient because you don't have to carry around physical dice. The app does everything from letting you choose your dice, rolling them randomly, adding them up, and showing you the total.

Connected Devices

The newer tech, like the GoDice D20, is pretty cool because it turns a real dice into a connected gadget. Here's a simple breakdown of how the GoDice D20 works:

So, it lets you enjoy rolling a real dice while also getting the benefits of online play. While the simple web dice rollers are easy to make, these new smart dice bring in more complex tech to make our games even better. But all these technologies help us play RPGs online smoothly.


Online vs Physical Dice: A Simple Comparison

Feature Online D20 Dice Physical D20 Dice
Easy to Carry Yes, you just need a device with internet Not as easy, you have to bring the dice with you
Easy to Use Yes, you can set up your dice with a click and don't have to look for them Not really, you have to find and roll the right dice manually
Feeling Real No, because you're clicking on a screen Yes, because you're rolling dice in your hand

Using online d20 dice is handy because you can roll dice on any device that connects to the internet. This is great for playing games with friends online because you can easily share your dice rolls in a video chat. You can also save how you want your dice set up, so you don't have to do it every time.

But, rolling dice online doesn't feel the same as when you're sitting around a table with friends, rolling real dice. The excitement of seeing a dice roll across the table and waiting for it to stop isn't there when you click a button online.

In the end, both ways have their good points. Online dice are all about making things easier and playing with friends no matter where they are. Real dice bring the fun of actually touching and rolling them. If you can't decide, there are things like the GoDice D20 Connected that let you roll a real dice and see the results online.

Creative Online D20 Uses

Online d20 dice rollers aren't just for tabletop RPGs. They can be fun and useful in many other ways. Here are some cool ideas:

Educational Games

Teachers can make learning fun by using online dice in class games. For example, they could set up a math game where students roll a dice and then solve math problems based on the number they get. It's a fun way to learn.

Icebreaker Activities

Online dice can make meetings or get-togethers more interesting. Roll the dice to pick random questions or fun tasks for everyone. It's a great way to break the ice.

Writing Exercises

Writers can use online dice to come up with story ideas. Roll a d20 and use the number as a starting point for a story. It's a fun way to think of new ideas.

At-Home Family Fun

Create fun family games with online dice. Set up challenges or trivia questions based on dice rolls. It's a simple way to have a good time at home.

Adult Party Games

For game nights, use online dice to add a twist to board games or truth-or-dare. The random rolls can lead to lots of laughs.

Randomized Cooking

Make cooking more exciting by using dice rolls to decide what ingredients to use or how to cook something. It's a fun way to try new recipes.

Online d20 dice can add fun and randomness to all kinds of activities, from learning and writing to cooking and party games.


Online d20 dice rollers make playing tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons easier when you're online. With a simple click, you can roll any dice you need, see the results right away, and keep your game moving smoothly.

These tools help a lot because they:

As technology gets better, online d20 dice rollers have become a big help for tabletop RPGs. They mix the fun of rolling dice with the ease of using online tools. This means games can be set up faster, they're more fun to play, and everyone gets a better experience.

Whether you're playing with friends online or at the same table, online d20 dice make things faster and more exciting. They're a simple idea, but they've made playing games like Dungeons & Dragons much easier in our digital world.


Are online dice rollers really random?

Yes, online dice rollers make sure each roll is as random as rolling real dice. They use special computer codes that pick numbers by chance, just like when you toss a dice.

How do I know which online dice platform to choose?

Think about what you need. For simple dice rolls, something like Roll Dice works well. If you're into Dungeons & Dragons, DNDBeyond might be better. Use Roll20's dice if you play there. DND Dice Roller is quick for D&D. If you like new gadgets, GoDice D20 is cool. Try a few out to see which one you like.

Can I use online dice if I don't have good internet?

Most online dice need you to be online. But, some smart dice like GoDice D20 can work offline, connecting to your device without needing the internet all the time.

How do game masters verify online dice rolls?

When you roll dice online and everyone can see it on the screen, that's usually enough for game masters. Some platforms let you save your rolls or take pictures to show later. Smart dice like GoDice D20 keep track of your rolls in an app.

Can online dice rollers be hacked or cheated?

Good online dice sites are very safe and hard to mess with. They use strong computer security to make sure rolls are fair and can't be changed. Some even use special tech to make sure rolls are checked by many computers, not just one.

Are online dice rollers allowed at gaming conventions?

It depends on the event. Small local games often let you use online dice if the game master says it's okay. Big events might only allow real dice. Always check the rules of the event you're going to.

Can I use online dice rollers for gambling?

No. Online dice sites are for fun games, not for betting money. Using them for gambling goes against their rules.

What does the D in d20 mean?

The "d" in d20 just means "dice." And the 20 tells you it has 20 sides. So, a d20 is a dice with 20 sides that's used a lot in games like Dungeons & Dragons. The d is a quick way to say it's a dice.

Is the d20 dice copyrighted?

No, the word "d20" itself isn't copyrighted. Anyone can use it when they're talking about a 20-sided dice. But, there's a special d20 system made for Dungeons and Dragons that is copyrighted. That means you can't use their detailed d20 system without asking. But just talking about "d20 dice" is completely okay.

Is Google dice truly random?

Not exactly. Google's dice roller might seem like it's totally random, but it actually uses computer programs that create numbers that only seem random. So, it's not the same as rolling a real dice. However, for most things, Google's dice roller is good enough to use and enjoy.

What is the most used DND dice?

The d20 is definitely the dice you'll use the most in Dungeons and Dragons. It's a 20-sided dice that's used for pretty much everything important in the game, like checking if you can do something, attacking, and protecting yourself. It's the main dice that makes the game work.