Dice Game Simulator for D&D

Looking for the perfect dice game simulator for your D&D adventures? Whether you're playing online or around the table, dice simulators like Roll20 and RPG Simple Dice can enhance your game. Here's a quick breakdown:

Quick Comparison:

Dice Simulator Platforms Pricing Dice Types Special Features
Roll20 Web, iOS, Android Freemium All standard, custom dice supported Integrated tabletop with video, chat
RPG Simple Dice Android Free basic, $2 Pro Default & custom dice Ad-free, share rolls via app

Both simulators ensure fairness and streamline gameplay by making dice rolls visible to all players and simplifying the rolling process. Choose based on your play style and needs—Roll20 for a comprehensive online experience and RPG Simple Dice for mobile simplicity.

Key Features of Dice Simulators

Digital dice rollers are made to work like you're rolling real dice. Here's what they do:

With these tools, players can spend more time on the adventure and less on figuring out dice rolls, whether they're playing together or apart.

Comparing Dice Simulator Options

This part looks at some well-liked dice game simulators for Dungeons & Dragons. We'll check out how easy they are to use, what special stuff they offer, and if they cost anything. This should help you pick the best one for you.



Roll20 mixes dice rolling with virtual tabletop and character sheets. Here's what it has:

If you want everything in one place for playing D&D online, Roll20 is a solid choice. It lets players and DMs talk, see each other, and share dice rolls easily.

RPG Simple Dice

This app is all about making dice rolling easy for D&D and other games. Here's the scoop:

For those who want a dice roller on their phone that's straightforward and not filled with extra stuff, RPG Simple Dice is great. It doesn't have a virtual tabletop, but it does what it needs to well.

Comparison Table

Dice Simulator Platforms Pricing Dice Types Special Features
Roll20 Web, iOS, Android Freemium All standard, custom dice supported Integrated tabletop with video, chat
RPG Simple Dice Android Free basic, $2 Pro Default & custom dice Ad-free, share rolls via app

Using Dice Simulators for D&D Sessions

Let's look at how to use dice simulators when you're playing D&D for things like trying to do something tricky, fighting, and dealing with spells.

Ability Checks

Sometimes in the game, you want your character to try something that might not work out. The DM will ask you to roll a d20 and add some numbers to see if you succeed. Here's how to do a strength check with an app called RPG Simple Dice:

You can even show the roll to others by sending a picture if you need to.

Attack Rolls

When you try to hit something in the game, you:

For example, if you're a ranger shooting an arrow, you might do this on Roll20:

  1. Click the d20 button to roll it - you get a 12
  2. Add +7 for your sharp aim and +2 because you're good with bows, making 19
  3. The small monster has a defense of 15, so your 19 means you hit it!

Next, you'd roll for how much damage you do, like rolling a dice that has 8 sides for an arrow.

Spell Saves and Effects

Some spells let the target try to avoid the spell's effects. You also roll dice to see how much a spell heals or hurts.

If you're a wizard casting a big fire spell that needs the target to dodge with a d20 and you roll damage with 6d6, here's how you could do it using RPG Simple Dice:

  1. Tap "Add Die" and choose "d20" for the dodge roll
  2. Roll it by tapping, getting a 12
  3. The small monster adds +2 to its dodge, getting 14, but that's not enough to avoid your spell
  4. Then, add 6 dice with 6 sides each for the damage
  5. Roll all 6 at once, getting 21 damage

The monster couldn't dodge, so it takes 21 damage from your big fire spell. You can show how you did it by sharing pictures of the dice rolls.


Tips for Integrating Dice Simulators

Ensuring Fairness

When you're playing D&D with a dice simulator, it's important that everyone can see the rolls. This makes sure the game is fair. Here's how you can do it:

Keeping the dice rolls visible and checkable helps everyone feel that the game is fair when using digital dice.

Streamlining Gameplay

Dice apps can make your D&D games go faster because they handle the math and keep track of things for you.

Setting up your dice app before the game starts can help things move along quicker when you're playing.


Dice game simulators are really handy for playing D&D, no matter if you're gathering around a table or playing over the internet. They let you roll any dice you need quickly, without the hassle of physical dice. This means you can spend more time on the fun parts of the game.

We talked about two different dice simulators: Roll20 and RPG Simple Dice. Both are good at the basics like rolling dice and adding extra points to your rolls. Roll20 has more features like maps for playing online and video chat. RPG Simple Dice is all about being a simple, ad-free way to roll dice on your phone.

Think about how you usually play D&D when choosing a dice app. If you're playing in the same room and just need a bit of help with dice, RPG Simple Dice is easy to use. If you're playing online, Roll20 has everything you need in one place. Both options make sure everyone can see the dice rolls, which keeps the game fair. They also make the game go faster because they do the math for you.

So, try out a dice game simulator next time you play D&D. It might just make your game smoother and let you focus more on the adventure and having fun with your friends!