Dice Roller Online Free: For Remote Gaming Sessions

Playing tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons with friends online? You'll need a reliable dice roller. Online dice rollers are essential tools that bring the randomness and excitement of dice rolls to your digital gaming sessions. They're accessible, customizable, and perfect for remote play. Here's a quick rundown of why they're great and some top free options to check out:

Top Free Online Dice Rollers:

  1. Roll Dice With Friends - Ideal for creating private rooms to play with friends.
  2. DnD Dice Roller - Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts.
  3. Roll a Die - Offers customizability and probability analysis.
  4. Roll20 - More than just dice rolling, it's a full virtual tabletop experience.

Choose one that best fits your gaming style and start rolling!


Online dice rollers let you roll dice from any device that can connect to the internet. This means you don't have to carry around different sets of dice for your games. A few clicks and you're ready to go, whether you're on your phone or computer. This makes it easy to start a game anytime, without worrying about not having the right dice.

With online dice rollers that save your settings in the cloud, you can use any device to log in and get your custom dice ready. No more game delays because someone forgot their dice.

Remote Play

A big plus of online dice rollers is that you can play dice games with your friends, even if you're not in the same place. Using video chat, you can still feel like you're all sitting at the same table, rolling dice together. This is great for staying connected and enjoying games together, no matter where everyone is.

Online dice rollers are key for playing dice games when you can't meet in person. They keep the fun going, even from afar.


Rolling a lot of dice by hand can be slow and annoying, especially in games that need you to roll many dice at once. Online dice rollers let you roll any number of dice quickly with just a click. This makes games faster and lets you focus more on the fun parts, like planning your next move.

You can also save your dice setups so you can roll complex combinations right away, without having to sort through a bunch of dice. This keeps the game moving smoothly.

Online dice rollers also remember your previous rolls and let you share your dice setups with friends, which is much easier than dealing with physical dice.


Online dice rollers let you make dice that look and act just how you want. You can change their colors, add pictures, or even make them match the theme of your game.

For example, if you're playing a magic game, you can have dice that look like they're on fire for when you need to roll for Fireball damage. This makes the game feel more real and fun.

You can save your custom dice so you can use them again later, making it easy to jump back into your adventures with the dice you love.

Probability Analysis

Some online dice rollers can show you the math behind your rolls, helping you see how likely you are to get certain results. This is great for understanding the game better and making smarter moves.

While you can't do this with physical dice, online tools let you look at the numbers and plan better. This adds a new layer to playing games, making them even more interesting.

Choosing the Best Online Dice Roller

When you're picking an online dice roller for your remote gaming sessions, keep these things in mind:

Variety of Dice Options

A good dice roller should have lots of different dice types, like the ones you use in Dungeons & Dragons. You should find dice like d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20 in various colors. The more choices you have, the better, because it means you can use it for many games.

Intuitive Interface

It should be easy to pick your dice and roll them. The site should also let you set it up the way you like if you're more experienced. A clean and simple design is best.


Being able to change how your dice look and work makes the game more fun. You should be able to pick colors, add pictures, save your favorite sets, and adjust settings for certain rolls. Keeping the same roll values can also be useful.

Dice Sharing Capabilities

For playing games with friends online, it's great if you can share your dice setups. The best sites let you make links to share or join rooms with custom dice. This helps everyone stay on the same page.

Community Trust

Check out what other gamers say about the site. Good reviews mean it's probably a good choice. Make sure the site keeps getting updates and fixes problems quickly.

Keeping these points in mind will help you find a dice roller that's not just for playing remotely but also makes your games better. The right site keeps the game moving smoothly and lets you focus on having fun, no matter where you are. With a solid online dice roller, you're always ready to roll.

Top Free Online Dice Rollers

Let's talk about some good free websites where you can roll dice for your games. Each one has its own cool things it can do.

Roll Dice With Friends

Roll Dice With Friends

Roll Dice With Friends lets you make a room online where you and your friends can roll dice together. It's great for playing role-playing games and has lots of different dice.

Key things it does:

This website is good for playing games with friends when you're not in the same place. It feels like you're all sitting around the same table because you can roll dice and talk at the same time.

DnD Dice Roller

DnD Dice Roller

DnD Dice Roller has all the dice you need for Dungeons & Dragons. You can save your favorite dice so you can use them quickly next time. It also keeps track of your rolls and has tools like name generators.

Why it's good:

If you like Dungeons & Dragons, this website has everything you need. You can roll dice for your character's actions and saves quickly, and the extra tools make your game go smoother.

Roll a Die

Roll a Die

Roll a Die lets you roll many dice at once and change them however you want. You can also see how likely you are to get certain results.

What it offers:

This website is perfect if you want to get creative with your dice or if you're interested in the math behind your rolls. You can make your dice fit your game's theme and use the stats to plan better.



Roll20 is more than just dice rolling. It lets you and your friends play on a virtual tabletop. You can roll dice right from your character's page, and it works with Dungeons & Dragons and other big games.

Reasons to use Roll20:

If you're looking for a full game experience online, Roll20 is a great choice. It's not just for rolling dice; it's like bringing the whole game table to your computer. You can see your character, roll dice, and talk with friends all in one place.


Using Online Dice Rollers for Remote Gaming

When you want to play tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons with your friends over the internet, finding a way to roll dice can be a bit of a puzzle. Online dice rollers are here to help. They let you roll dice just like you would in real life, but on your computer or phone. You can even get into a virtual room with your friends and start playing together in no time.

1. Choose an Online Dice Roller

First, you need to pick a website to roll your dice. Some good free options include Roll Dice with Friends, DnD Dice Roller, and Roll a Die. Each has its own cool features, so take a look and see which one you like best.

2. Create a Gaming Room

Next, you'll want to make a private room for you and your friends. Here's how:

  1. Look for a button that says "New Room" or "Create Room"
  2. Name the room something your friends will recognize
  3. Share the room link or code with your friends

Now, anyone with the link can join your game.

3. Customize Your Dice

You can also make your dice look cool by:

Remember to save your designs to use them again.

4. Share Your Dice Setups

Instead of just telling your friends about your cool dice, you can share them directly. Just:

  1. Hit the share button next to your saved dice
  2. Copy the link it gives you
  3. Send the link to your friends

This way, everyone can use the same cool dice.

5. Roll Dice and Chat Simultaneously

Now you're ready to play! With online dice rollers, you can:

Rolling dice and planning your next move online can be just as fun as playing in person.

6. Integrate Dice Rolls Into Gameplay

Whether you're running the game or playing, here's how to use the dice rolls:

Following these steps will make playing tabletop RPGs online with your friends a breeze. You'll feel like you're all sitting around the same table, even if you're miles apart. Let the adventures begin!

Tips for Enhancing Your Experience

Using an online dice roller can really improve your gaming sessions. Here are some simple ways to make rolling dice online even better.

Add Sound Effects

Some dice rollers let you add sounds when you roll the dice. It's fun to hear a special noise when you roll the highest or lowest number. You can find free sounds online that fit your game's theme. Just make sure the sounds aren't too loud or distracting for others playing with you.

Use 3D Dice

It's more fun when you can see dice rolling like they would on a table. Some dice rollers have a 3D option. You can change settings to make the dice roll just how you like. This makes it feel more like you're actually playing around a table.

Personalize with Custom Backgrounds

You can sometimes add your own background picture to the dice roller. Pick a picture that matches the game's setting. This helps make the game feel more real. If you're using something like Roll20, they already have cool backgrounds you can use.

Engage with Gaming Communities

A lot of dice rollers have places where you can talk to other players. It's a good way to learn new tricks and meet people who like the same games. Sharing your own designs and seeing others' can give you new ideas. Making friends through gaming is always a plus.

With these simple changes, rolling dice online can feel more like you're all sitting together, even if you're far apart. Adding a bit of sound and visuals, plus talking to other gamers, makes your remote gaming sessions more fun and friendly. So, try some of these tips and see how your next game goes!


Online dice rollers make it super easy to play tabletop RPGs, like Dungeons & Dragons, with your friends over the internet. They're like a magic tool that lets you roll dice on your computer or phone, so you don't need physical dice. Here's why they're awesome:

Whether you play a lot of tabletop games or just occasionally, using an online dice roller can make your online game nights better. They come with cool features like sharing dice, keeping track of rolls, and chatting with friends, making it feel like you're all around the same table.

Try one of the free online dice rollers for your next game night. With these tools, being far apart doesn't mean you can't have a great time playing games together. Let's roll the dice and start the adventure!