Kismet Game: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the captivating world of Kismet, a dice game that adds a colorful twist to the classic gameplay of Yahtzee. With its simple rules, engaging strategy, and the unique addition of colored dice, Kismet offers both fun and challenge for players of all ages. Here's what you need to know to dive into the game:

Whether you're a seasoned dice game enthusiast or new to the world of tabletop gaming, Kismet promises an enjoyable experience that blends luck with tactical decision-making. Perfect for family game nights or competitive play, it's a game that keeps you coming back for more.

What Makes Kismet Unique

Kismet is different because of the colorful dice. These colors, along with special scores like "Kismet", make the game more exciting and less predictable than other dice games. Choosing which dice to keep and which to roll again makes players think more about their moves. In short, Kismet brings a new and fun experience to the classic dice game by adding colors and new ways to score.

Understanding How to Play

Objective and Equipment

The goal of Kismet is to get the highest score by using 5 special dice and a score sheet. Each die has red, green, and yellow dots.

You'll need:

Game Set Up

Setting up Kismet is simple:

  1. Gather everyone who wants to play
  2. Give each player a score sheet
  3. Everyone rolls a die. The person with the highest number starts
  4. Learn about the score sheet parts:
    • Basic Section - for scoring combinations of numbers
    • Kismet Section - for scoring combinations that include colors
    • Bonus Score Section - for extra points based on your total score from the Basic Section

Gameplay and Rules

Here's how you play:

  1. On your turn, roll all 5 dice
  2. Decide if you want to keep your roll or try again with some or all dice
  3. After your final roll, write down your score on the score sheet
  4. If your roll doesn't fit any scoring options, just add up the dice and write it in the Yarborough box
  5. The next player goes after you

A few more rules:

Scoring Guide

You can score in two main ways:

Basic Section

Kismet Section

After someone gets a Kismet, they can pick any score option for their next turn.

Strategies for Winning

Beginner Tips

Here are some easy tips for people just starting with Kismet:

Advanced Techniques

If you've been playing Kismet for a while, you might want to try these ideas:

Comparing Kismet to Other Dice Games


Gameplay Element Kismet Yahtzee
Number of Dice 5 5
Dice Features 3 colors per die Standard dice
Main Scoring Categories Basic, Kismet Upper, Lower
Special Scores Kismet, Full House (Same Color) Yahtzee, Yahtzee Bonus
Strategy Involved Medium Medium
Accessibility Easy to learn and play Easy to learn and play
Entertainment Value High due to colors and special scores High due to suspense of rolls

Summary: Kismet and Yahtzee are a lot alike because they both use dice to score points. But Kismet adds a twist with colored dice and extra scoring options like Kismet and Full House (Same Color). This makes it a bit different. Both games need some thinking but are still easy for beginners. Kismet offers a new twist on the fun of rolling dice.


Gameplay Aspect Kismet Tenzi
Number of Dice 5 10
Objective Highest total score First to get all dice showing the same number
Typical Game Length 30-45 minutes 5-10 minutes
Luck vs. Skill Balanced Mostly luck
Learning Curve Low Extremely low
Accessibility Easy, good for new gamers Very easy, perfect for non-gamers

Summary: Kismet and Tenzi are pretty different. Tenzi is all about luck, with a simple goal of getting all your dice to show the same number as quickly as possible. It's super quick and easy for anyone. Kismet, on the other hand, mixes luck with some thinking, has a longer game time, and offers different ways to score. It's a bit more involved but still easy to get into. Tenzi is great for a quick, fun game, while Kismet offers more to explore for both new and seasoned players. Both are easy to start with, but Kismet has more going on.


Taking Kismet Online

Kismet is a great dice game that's not too hard to pick up, but still has enough strategy to keep you interested. Nowadays, when a lot of us are working from home or can't meet up easily, websites like Roll Dice let us play Kismet from wherever we are, without needing to be in the same room.

Roll Dice

Roll Dice is a website that lets you play Kismet online for free. It has digital dice and score sheets, so you and your friends can play together over video chat or messages. You can even change the dice colors, just like in the real game. If you want to play with others, you can make a game link to share. The site keeps track of how many games you play and your rolls, which is pretty neat. You don't have to sign up to start playing, but if you do, you'll get some extra features, like saving your game settings.

Benefits of Online Play

Playing Kismet online has some big pluses:

While rolling real dice is still fun, playing Kismet online opens up new ways to have fun with friends, play in a way that includes everyone, and try out different ways to play. Websites like Roll Dice bring a classic game into the modern world, making it easy for us to play anytime, anywhere.

Enhancing Your Kismet Experience

To make your Kismet game even better, think about getting some of these:

These items can make your game look and feel more professional, and they help keep everything organized.

Joining the Community

Find other people who love Kismet:

Being part of the community can help you make friends, learn new things, find people to play with, and enjoy Kismet even more.

Tournaments and Events

If you're ready to compete, try these:

Competing can be a lot of fun and a great way to test your skills against others. Plus, there are different types of games to try, like playing quickly, in teams, or in pairs.


Kismet is a fun twist on classic dice games like Yahtzee, thanks to its colorful dice and different ways to score points. This game is not just about luck; choosing which dice to keep for the next roll adds a bit of thinking and planning. This mix of chance and choice makes Kismet enjoyable and keeps you coming back for more. It's easy for anyone to start playing, but there's also room for players to get better by thinking carefully about their moves.

The game is a great mix of luck and skill. It's simple enough for anyone to pick up quickly, but the decisions about which dice to re-roll give you a way to influence what happens. The different scoring options mean you have to think about your strategy every turn. This combination of luck and strategy makes the game fun and interesting every time you play.

Playing Kismet online, like on Roll Dice, makes it even easier to get into the game. You don't need the physical dice or score sheets, and the website takes care of counting your points. Plus, you can play with friends no matter where they are.

Kismet is a great choice if you're looking for a dice game that's fun and makes you think a bit. And now, with online play, you can enjoy it with anyone, anywhere. So, if you're in the mood for a game that's both fun and a bit challenging, give Kismet a go. Let the roll of the dice lead you to victory!

How is Kismet different than Yahtzee?

Kismet and Yahtzee are both dice games, but Kismet has a special twist. In Kismet, the dice have colors - red, green, and black. This makes the game more interesting because you can score points in different ways, not just by the number on the dice. Kismet also has a special score called "Kismet" when all five dice show the same number, which adds an exciting element to the game.

What happens if you get a second Kismet?

If you roll a second Kismet in a game with friends, everyone else has to write down 0 points on their score sheet. This makes getting a Kismet a big deal because it can really change the game. After your first Kismet, you can choose any scoring option you want for your next turn, which can help you get even more points.

Is Liar's dice a real game?

Yes, Liar's dice is a real game that's been around for a long time. It started in Peru and then spread to Europe. The game is all about rolling dice in secret and then trying to guess if your friends are telling the truth about their rolls. It's a fun game that involves a lot of guessing and trying to figure out if someone is bluffing.

What game is similar to Yahtzee?

Qwixx is a game that's kind of like Yahtzee. It uses dice and a score sheet, and you try to mark off numbers based on your rolls. But Qwixx is quicker, with games taking about 15 minutes, and everyone plays at the same time. It's also a bit different because you're working together with the other players, which makes it great for younger kids or people who are new to games. The rules are easy to learn, but there's still some strategy involved.