Magic the Gathering Dice: A Comprehensive Guide

In Magic: The Gathering (MTG), dice play a crucial role in tracking various game elements like life points, counters, and abilities. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, understanding the different types of dice and how they can enhance your gameplay is essential. This guide covers everything from the basics of dice roles in MTG, the types of dice you'll encounter, to picking the best dice for your needs, and even how to store them. Here's what you need to know:

Whether keeping track of life points or adding a random element to the game, the right set of dice can make your MTG experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Types of Dice Used in Magic: The Gathering

Regular six-sided dice are good for counting life points, how faithful your planeswalkers are, and other simple things. Spindown dice are special because they make it easy to change life points without getting mixed up. Some folks use twenty-sided dice for the same reasons.

Then there are special dice made just for Magic. These can show if a planeswalker is on your side, if a creature has cool powers, or even have pictures from the game. These help make sure everyone understands what's happening and keeps the game moving smoothly.

D20 Dice

The d20 die is a big deal for keeping track of life points in Magic: The Gathering. It has numbers from 1 to 20, so you can easily change your life points during the game.

A lot of players pick spindown life counters. These are d20 dice made just for MTG that have the numbers in order. This makes it easier to track life points. These dice often have special symbols instead of the number 20.

What to look for in d20 dice:

Some good d20 dice to think about:

D6 Dice

D6 dice are important in Magic for keeping track of counters, tokens, and other game pieces. Having D6 dice that are easy to read and last a long time makes the game go smoother.

When picking D6 dice, look for:

Some D6 dice to consider:

Specialty Dice

Besides the usual D6 and D20 dice, there are special dice that make Magic: The Gathering even more fun:

Specialty dice make it easier to see what's going on in the game and add some cool looks to your game setup.

Some special dice to check out:

Criteria for Choosing Dice

When picking dice for Magic: The Gathering, think about a few important things:


It's key that you can easily see the numbers and markings on your dice. Go for dice with big, clear numbers and colors that stand out. This makes it easier to see what's going on during your game. Avoid dice that have too much going on or tiny numbers that are hard to read.


Dice can be made of plastic, metal, or even gemstone. Plastic is cheaper, but metal and gemstone dice last longer and can handle more use. Metal dice don't get worn out quickly. Gemstone dice, like those made from agate, have cool, natural colors.


For most Magic the Gathering playing cards and games, regular-sized dice (16mm) for 6-sided and 12-sided work well. For keeping track of life points, bigger 20-sided dice (around 19mm) are handy because they're easier to read. Bigger dice are also easier to see.

Dice usually have sharp edges, but some have rounded edges if you prefer dice that don't roll too far.

Thematic Relevance

If you like your dice to match your deck's theme or colors, there are lots of options. For decks based on certain types of creatures, you might want dice that match. There are also dice with special symbols for Planeswalker decks.

Best All-Around MTG Dice

Chessex Gemini Dice Sets are great for keeping track of different things in the game like life and counters.


Dice Type Quantity
D6 7
D10 3
D% 2

Best MTG Loyalty Counter Dice

For keeping an eye on Planeswalker loyalty, big Spindown D12s are clear and easy to read. Commander Symbol Metal Dice look cool and are made to last.


Model Material
D12 Spindowns Plastic
Planeswalker Symbols Metal

Best MTG Life Tracking Dice (D20s)

HD Jumbo Size D20s are perfect for tracking life because they have really big numbers. They also come with extra D10 Spindowns.


Type Quantity
D20 Spindowns 5
D10 Spindowns 3

Storing Your Dice

Keeping your Magic: The Gathering dice neat and safe is key, whether you're moving them to play with friends or just keeping them at home. The right storage means you can find them easily during a game and stop them from getting lost or broken.

Dice Bags

Dice bags are a simple and small way to store your MTG dice. They're made from strong materials like velvet, suede, or leather and close with a drawstring to keep dice inside. When picking a dice bag, make sure it:

The MTG Dice Bag by Haxtec is a good choice because it’s well made and can hold many dice. The Wiz Dice Chainmail Dice Bags are also strong and protective.

Dice Boxes

If you want something more solid, dice boxes help you organize your MTG dice in trays and protect them with a hard case. Look for:

The RNG Diceboxes by Heavy Play are great with their cool aluminum cases and trays you can take out. The MTG Dice Gift Set also gives you dice and a dice box in one package.

Carrying Cases

For bringing all your MTG stuff, carrying cases let you keep all your dice, cards, and other things together safely. They should have:

The Ultimate Guard Arkhive and Legion Dice Case are really good for carrying your dice and other MTG items because they’re well made and you can change the inside to fit your needs.


Picking the right way to store your Magic: The Gathering dice helps you keep everything in order, makes it easier to carry them for games away from home, and lets you show off your style. Choose storage that makes it easy to see, protect, and organize your dice. This way, your dice are always ready for a game, kept safe, and easy to find. The best storage helps you set up faster, keep track of things better during games, and focus on having fun with Magic: The Gathering.

What is the point of dice in Magic: The Gathering?

Dice are super helpful in Magic: The Gathering for a few reasons:

Basically, dice help keep the game organized, make it clear what's happening, and add some fun surprises.

What dice are best for Magic: The Gathering?

The best dice for Magic: The Gathering usually include:

When picking dice, look for ones that are easy to read, durable, and fit well with the game.

Do I need dice for Magic: The Gathering?

You don't absolutely need dice to play Magic: The Gathering, but they sure make things easier. They help you:

So, while you could play without dice, they're really useful and most players like to have them.

What dice do you need for MTG Commander?

For playing Commander in Magic: The Gathering, these dice are super useful:

Commander games can get pretty complex, so having a good set of dice helps keep everything clear.