MTG Dice: A Comprehensive Guide

In Magic: The Gathering (MTG), dice play a crucial role in enhancing gameplay, tracking stats, and bringing an element of luck and strategy. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, understanding the different types of MTG dice and how to choose the right ones can elevate your gaming experience. Here's a quick guide to get you started:

Finding the right dice involves balancing functionality with personal taste, ensuring they're not only practical but also a reflection of your style. Let's dive into the details of MTG dice, from their roles and types to tips on selection and care.

The Role of Dice in MTG

Dice are super important in Magic: The Gathering. They help you keep track of a bunch of things during the game. Here’s what they do:

Without dice, you'd have to remember all these numbers or write them down. Dice make it easy to see and change these numbers quickly.

In short, dice make the game clear, stop you from forgetting things, and keep the game moving smoothly. They can track anything with a number.

Types of MTG Dice

Here are the different kinds of dice you might use in MTG:

Each type of dice has its own use, depending on what you need them for. Knowing the differences helps you pick the right dice.

History of Dice in MTG

Dice weren't always a part of the game rules. They first showed up in special game sets. Later, they were thought about being added to the main game with the Battle for Zendikar set.

Then, with Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, rolling dice became a regular part of the game. This set and others like it use ideas from Dungeons & Dragons.

Now, dice are a normal part of Magic: The Gathering. They add an extra bit of fun and strategy. Plus, they help everyone keep track of what's happening in the game.

Comprehensive Reviews

Best All-Around MTG Dice

Chessex D6 dice are good for many MTG game needs. They have clear numbers and are small enough to roll and read easily. Here's why they're a good choice:

Chessex D6 dice are great for basic needs like keeping track of life, counters, and rolling for effects without spending a lot.

Specialized MTG Dice

Some dice are made for specific parts of MTG:

D12 for Loyalty Counters

Keyword and Effect Dice

-1/-1 and +1/+1 Counters

Spindown D20s

Specialized dice help with specific game parts, making things clearer and easier to manage.

Niche and Unique Dice

For something different, there are unique dice:

Tarmogoyf Dice

Oversize Dice

D100 and D120

Unique dice are less about practical use and more for fun or to make your set look cool.

Metallic and Aesthetic Dice Sets

For style, there are fancy dice:

Metallic Dice Sets

Artisan Resin Sets

Metallic and artistic dice are all about looking good, but they might cost more and not be perfectly balanced.

How to Choose Your MTG Dice

Picking the right dice for your Magic: The Gathering games means thinking about a few things: how easy they are to see, what they're made of, how big or what shape they are, and what you like.


It's important to pick dice that you can read easily during the game. Look for dice that have:

If small markings are hard for you to see, think about getting bigger dice, around 16mm to 19mm. Clear dice might also make the numbers stand out more.


Dice can be made from different stuff like:

Think about how heavy you want your dice to be, how long you want them to last, and how much you're willing to spend. Metal and gemstone dice are usually better quality.

Size and Shape

The dice most used in MTG are D6 (six sides) and D20 (twenty sides). But there are also special shapes like D4, D8, D10, and D12 for different uses.

Bigger 19mm dice are easier to hold and read but take up more room. Standard 16mm dice are easier to carry around. Really big dice, 20mm or more, look cool but are even bigger.

The shape also changes how a die feels. More sides usually mean the rolls are more random.

Personal Preferences

Finally, pick dice that you really like. Things to think about include:

Take your time to find dice that fit how you play and what you like. This makes your dice more than just tools; they're a part of your game.


Dice Rolling Mechanics in MTG

In Magic: The Gathering, rolling dice has become a fun part of the game. Some special cards and game rules use dice rolls to decide what happens during play. This adds a bit of luck and excitement.

The game started including dice more when it teamed up with Dungeons & Dragons in sets like Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. These sets introduced new cards that ask you to roll dice, like a D20 (a twenty-sided die) or D12 (a twelve-sided die), to see what happens next.

Not just in the D&D sets, but in other parts of the game too, you might need to roll a die with a certain number of sides. The game is clear about which die to roll by saying things like "six-sided die" for a standard D6.

Dice Interaction and Rules

There are some basic rules for rolling dice in the game:

For instance, the card Delina, Wild Mage makes you roll a D20 when certain creatures attack. The roll decides if Delina creates a copy of that creature.

Another card, Heads I Win, Tails You Lose, lets you change the dice roll a bit to your advantage.

This dice rolling adds a layer of fun because the outcome can really change how the game goes. Plus, it opens up new ways for cards to work together. Knowing how these dice rolls work can help you play smarter.

Storage and Maintenance

Best Dice Storage Options for MTG Players

Keeping your Magic: The Gathering dice safe and organized is easier when you have the right storage. Here are some good options:

Dice Bags

Dice bags are easy to carry and don't cost much. Look for bags that:

Plastic Dice Boxes

Plastic boxes are more solid. When picking one, think about:

Custom Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes are fancy but pricier. They offer:

Dice Trays

Trays are great for rolling and storing dice. Choose trays with:

Caring for Your Dice

To make your MTG dice last longer and roll fairly, here are some tips:


Clean your dice now and then with a soft cloth and a little water or alcohol. Let them dry completely.


Keep your dice in a box or bag when you're not using them. This stops them from getting scratched. Adding a small pack that absorbs moisture can help too.


Use a dice tray or tower for rolling. This keeps your table safe and stops dice from getting hurt. Also, don't throw dice too hard or from too high.


When you take dice to play somewhere else, put them in something that cushions them. If you have dice that are really special, wrap them up separately.

Looking after your dice means they'll stay in good shape, roll right, and keep looking great for all your games.


When you're picking out dice for Magic: The Gathering, here's what to keep in mind:

Finding the right dice can make playing Magic a lot smoother. And don't forget to have a good place to keep them, like a bag or box, so they stay in good shape. With the right dice and a little care, you're all set for your games!