Shared Dice Roller: A Must-Have for Remote Gaming

Playing tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons online? You'll need a shared dice roller. Here’s why:

Popular options include Roll20, RPG Sessions, and Dice Ex Machina, each offering unique features like customization, true randomness, and cross-platform compatibility. Implementing a shared dice roller in your game is simple, enhances fairness, and boosts immersion. Ready to roll?

Why Shared Dice Rollers?

Shared dice rollers solve some big headaches when playing games like Dungeons & Dragons online. They let everyone see the dice rolls at the same time, which makes the game fairer and more fun.


You can change the dice to fit your game. Pick the type of dice, how many you need, and even their color. You can also add up rolls or keep some numbers the same. This means you can make the dice work just right for your game.

True Randomness

The way these rollers work ensures that the dice rolls are totally random, just like throwing real dice. This means no one can cheat, making the game more honest.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Everyone can use these rollers, no matter what device or system they're on. This makes it easy for all your friends to play together, no matter what tech they use.

Real-Time Sharing

Seeing the dice roll on your screen just like they would on a table makes the game more exciting. It feels like you're all in the same room, and it helps everyone trust that the game is fair.

Integration with Gaming Platforms

These dice rollers work with the online platforms you're already using to play your games. This means you don't have to switch between apps to roll dice, making things simpler.

In short, shared dice rollers like Roll Dice make online games better. They let you customize your rolls, ensure fairness, and work on any device. Plus, seeing the dice roll in real time makes the game more engaging for everyone. It's a simple way to make sure everyone is playing fair and having fun, no matter where they are.

Case Studies: Successful Shared Dice Rollers

Shared dice rollers have become super important for playing tabletop games online. They let everyone see the dice rolls at the same time, which helps make sure no one is cheating and keeps the game fun. Here’s a look at some popular dice rollers and what makes them stand out:


Roll20 mixes dice rolling right into its online game space. Here’s what it does:

Roll20 makes everything smooth by keeping dice rolls and game stuff in one place.

RPG Sessions

RPG Sessions is all about rolling dice together online. It’s great for games that need really specific dice rolls. Here’s why:

RPG Sessions is perfect when your game needs dice rolls that are a bit more complicated.

Dice Ex Machina

Dice Ex Machina

Dice Ex Machina is a cool app for rolling dice on your phone. It looks great and is easy to share with friends. Here’s what it offers:

Dice Ex Machina is all about making dice rolling look good and feel real on your phone.


Dice rollers like these make online tabletop RPGs better by letting everyone roll dice together in a fair and fun way. Each one has something special, whether it’s being part of the game space, rolling dice in complex ways, or just looking cool on your phone. They’re key for having a good time in remote gaming sessions.


Implementing Shared Dice Rollers in Your Next Game

Adding a shared dice roller to your online game nights is straightforward and really ups the fun. Here's a quick guide on how to pick and set up one of these tools for better gaming:

Choosing the Right Platform

When picking a dice roller, think about what your group needs:

Some good choices are Roll20, RPG Sessions, and Dice Ex Machina.

Preparing for First-Time Use

Before your game:

Ensuring Smooth Gameplay

When you play:

Picking the right dice roller and getting everyone comfortable with it can make your online game nights even better. It's all about making sure the game is fun and fair for everyone.


Shared dice rollers are really important for playing games together online. They make sure everyone can see the dice rolls at the same time, which helps everyone trust each other. Here's a quick look at why they're so good:

With more people playing games online, using shared dice rollers is a smart move for your next game night. They fit right into the games you're already playing, making things more fun without adding extra hassle. Plus, with plenty of free options out there, it's easy to get started.

So, get your friends together, choose a platform, and dive into your adventures from anywhere. Thanks to these tools, the world of tabletop RPGs is now as close as your pocket - so let's roll!